Audio Mogul Coffee

Fuel your creative journey.

Audio Mogul Coffee

Audio Mogul Coffee is a new speciality coffee crafted for musicians and exists to "fuel your creative journey". There is an energy and spark to everything they do, and this was integral in the concept behind the design. We launched the coffee with the core idea of "Are you Ready"? The coffee packaging had to convey the life in the coffee beans and the creativity they support. To do this we created a repeated pattern based on soundwaves and mountain tops that can be adapted and used on all marketing collateral. To further explore this concept we created a unique soundwave levels system to communicate the acidity, body and sweetness of the full range of coffees that they offer.

What we did

Tone of Voice

Brand Identity


Film & Production

Art Direction


Digital Marketing

We set up a scene using a landscape to represent the metaphorical mountain that Audio Mogul is helping their community climb. We worked with Cue the Mustard on the video concept that brought "Are You Ready?" to life with a unique track created by Audio Mogul founder Gavin Lawson. When we heard the track, we knew that this would be the centre for the whole creative concept and how we would tell the Audio Mogul story.

With the new coffee packaging, photography, and video we were ready to launch. A print and social media campaign focussed on the Audio Mogul brand and coffee was launched, introducing their unique Audio Mogul pattern into their social media template. From there we showcased the hero shot of all three coffee package shots and using the tagline of Fuel Your Creative Journey throughout before we moved into a more detailed introduction to each of the coffees.